Monday, August 17, 2020

Vauban's Wars - Available for Pre-Order!!!

It is with great joy that I can announce the availability of Vauban's Wars to be pre-ordered from Piquet Inc. The link below will take you to the website to order a hard copy of the rules and the very nice casino cards to enhance your Vauban's Wars sequence deck. The rules and PDF versions will be available to purchase directly on the week of September 14th, 2020, which nicely aligns with my birthday! :-) Note that the book (hard copy) comes with sequence deck cards on thick card that can be cut out and sleeved. The custom casino cards are an enhanced version of those cards (see photos below).

Once again, you can pre-order the hard copy along with custom casino cards now.
On the week of September 14th, those pre-orders will ship. 
On the week of September 14th you can order and download the PDF versions if you rather have electronic copies of the rules.

More info and pricing can be found later in this blog post.

Pre-order Rules Book here: 

Pre-order Custom Casino Cards here: 

The rules cover sapping, mining, countermining, weather, disease, unique events, coups de main, powder supply, food supply, espionage, trench raids, etc.            

Front Cover

Back Cover

Hard Copy ($40)

1 x Rules (97 pages) 75 pages of rules, and if you don't do any mining in the siege the rules are only 63 pages. Spiral bound and full color.
2 x Quick Reference Sheets (double-side, thick card)
1 x Turn & Weather Track (single-sided, thick card)
1 x Powder Expenditure Track (single-sided, thick card)
6 Pages of Sequence Deck cards to cut out (single-sided, thick card that you can cut out and sleeve)

Electronic Copy ($25)

Set of five PDFs: Rules, Quick Reference Sheet, Powder Expenditure sheet, Turn & Weather sheet, and Sequence Deck cards.

Optional Casino Cards ($14.99)

Standard Poker deck with 54 cards. (2.5" by 3.5") These just give you a very nice set of upgraded cards along with a couple blank cards that you can use to add new events or siege ideas. These have unique card backs for each side in the game.

28 x Garrison Cards (including 5 blank cards)
25 x Besieger Cards (including 5 blank cards)
1 x Proof of Purchase card

More information about Vauban's Wars see this page in my blog:

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  1. Not my period or cup of tea but hope the rules do well. Lot of work to compile and produce no doubt !?