Tuesday, April 13, 2021

2020 - A Year in Review

I've looked back on my goals versus accomplishments for 2020 and I did pretty good considering the state of the globe.

First, Happy New Year! May your families be blessed with happiness and health.

I was able to get in 120+ face to face games. MG stands for Miniature Games, while BG stands for Board Games. My list of other goals is after the game list. I would have liked to have gotten in more miniature games, but I was focused on rules writing most of the year.

JANUARY (MG: 0, BG: 9)

 8th - Black Orchestra
15th - Terraforming Mars
18th - Jaws x 2
22nd - ACME 
23rd - 2 x Undaunted: Normandy
29th - SpaceCorp
31st - Champions of Midguard


 1st - Jaws, Champions of Midguard
 5th - Virgin Queen
12th - 3 x Undaunted: Normandy
19th - 218: Hannibal
22nd - Virgin Queen
26th - Storming the Gap - Scenario 4


FEB 22 - EB, Phil, EC, Brian, Wes, Ben
9:30 to 7:30
Ottoman (Brian)
Spain (Wes)
England (Ben)
France  (Phil)
Holy Roman Empire (EB) - winner!
Protestants (EC)

MARCH (MG: 0, BG: 4)

 4th - 218 BC: Hannibal
 5th - Race to the Rhine
11th - Rurik
21st - Tuscany

APRIL (MG: 0, BG: 1)

 2nd - Raiders of the North Sea

MAY (MG: 0, BG: 22)

 2nd - 2 x Pandemic 
 6th - Crusader Kings
 9th - 2 x Pandemic
13th - Atlantis Rising
15th - JAWS, 2 x Azul
20th - 3 x Table Battles
24th - 2 x Azul, 2 x Fistful of Meeples
25th - Zombicide
26th - Pandemic, 3 x Fistful of Meeples
28th - Terraforming Mars

JUNE (MG: 3, BG: 19)

 1st - Robin Hood, Fistful of Meeples
 3rd - Terraforming Mars
 5th - Culture Wars 
11th - Dungeon Saga 
13th - 2 x Copenhagen, 1 x Fistful of Meeples
17th - Dungeon Saga
20th - 3 x Fistful of Meeples, 2 x Azul
24th - Dungeon Saga 
26th - Tuscany and 2 x Fistful of Meeples
27th - Explorers of the North Sea
29th - JAWS
30th - Viticulture and Fistful of Meeples

JULY (MG: 0, BG: 9)

 7th - Imperial Struggle
 8th - 2 x OP Arena
12th - 2 x Viticulture
15th - 2 x OP Arena
22nd - Game of Thrones + Mother of Dragons
29th - JUNTA

AUGUST (MG: 0, BG: 15)

 4th - Viticulture
 5th - Explorers of the North Sea
 6th - Viticulture & Fistful of Meeples
 8th - Viticulture & Fistful of Meeples
12th - ROOT
15th - 2 x ROOT
19th - ROOT 
22nd - 2 x Azul, 2 x Fistful of Meeples
26th - Nemesis 


 2nd - Steampunk Rally
 4th - Gaia Project
 7th - Congo
 9th - Gaia Project
30th - Mare Nostrum

OCTOBER (MG: 2, BG: 5)

 5th - 2 x Dungeon Saga
28th - 3 x Quartermaster General
31st - 1 x Tuscany, 1 x Trekking the World


 4th - QMG 1914
11th - QMG WW2 
27th - 1 x Trekking the World , 2 x Azul
28th - ROOT

DECEMBER (MG: 1, BG: 16)

 9th - AuZtralia
13th - Blood Red Sky
13th - Caesar
16th - Junta
20th - Caesar
23rd - Caesar
26th - 9 x My City
27th - Caesar
29th - Caesar
30th - Conquistadors 


  • Publish Vauban’s Wars in the third quarter of 2020. (done!!!)
  • Finish building my PaperTerrain Vauban fortress in 15mm. (done!!!)
  • Finish painting and flocking my 15mm Potemkin Russian forces. (failed)
  • Finish painting, basing, mounting flags, etc for my SYW Russians. (Only need to flock now, all the rest was done) - Blog post on this one coming.
  • Finish flocking my Maximilian collection: Imperials(done), French(done), Republicans (done)
  • Finish my Japanese for the RJW: 2nd division (done), Imperial Guard (done), and 12th Division (TBD)
  • Finish painting Taiping collection, then flock them. (incomplete)

All in all a great year of gaming and project completion.

Still doing lots of gaming in 2021 with over 40 games played so far this year!! May will be a massive Napoleonic festival with wall to wall games and miniature battles in honor of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's death.


  1. A very successful year indeed, Eric! Getting Vauban's Wars published all by itself would have been a huge accomplishment.

    The May Napoleonic Extravaganza sounds marvelous!

  2. Thanks Peter! It was a very good year. I have a couple projects on the front burner, but as I'm in a rental home I don't have access to everything in storage. Still should be a great year of gaming.

  3. When is the ETA for the move to Burgessburg?

  4. Peter, we are breaking ground this week, and should be done with the build by year end (it would be a great Xmas gift to be able to move there by then)

  5. Certainly looks a good year for gaming. Great to have Vauban published as well. Good luck with construction.

  6. You have been a busy man, Eric! I didn't even recognize half those board games.

  7. Very busy Joseph. Some are playtests of games not available to global players. I plan to get in about a half dozen games over the next week.