Friday, December 16, 2022

Aztec War - Conquistadors and Aztecs with WoFun Minis

Aztec War

First, I'd like to thank the amazing and talented Jose Maria Pujalte Mora who drew the artwork on these glorious miniatures! I plan to use these miniatures in Commands and Colors games and some other miniatures rules.

You can buy the paper versions here: Jose Maria Pujalte Mora – Peter's Paperboys (

You can buy the 18mm WoFun miniatures here: WoFun Games

I bought both! Ugh, but there are a lot of cool things in the paper versions (i.e. Aztec Buildings, brigantines, and war canoes!) that are not in the WoFun library.

My Armies (so far)


  • 4 x C-in-C 
  • 9 x Leaders
  • 1 x War Dogs (3 stands each)
  • 4 x Swordsmen (3 stands each)
  • 2 x Spearmen (3 stands each)
  • 2 x Cavalry (2 stands each) 
  • 2 x Arquebus (3 stands each)
  • 2 x Crossbowmen (3 stands each)
  • 3 x Arquebus Skirmishers (rebase?) (3 stands each)
  • 3 x Crossbowmen Skirmishers (rebase?)  (3 stands each)

Tlaxcala (Spanish Allies)

  • 1 x C in C, 4 x leaders
  • 8 x Infantry (3 stands per unit) - Do I need one more sprue?
  • 2 x Archers (3 stands per unit) 

Aztecs and Allies

  • 4 x Chiefs, dozen+ leaders
  • 4 x Eagle Knights (Warriors)
  • 2 x Jaguar Knights (Warriors)
  • 2 x Shaved Heads (Elite Warriors)
  • 2 x Elite (Elite Warriors)
  • 1 x Archers
  • 2 x Altalt
  • Dozens of civilians and Priests\Sacrifice

Generic Indians (used for any Indian faction)

  • 4 x Leaders
  • 6 x Lower-class Warriors (Aux) - need one more sprue
  • 3 x Slingers

Plans for the Collection

I hope to do a playtest of my Commands & Colors rendition of this era. In my next post I will post and discuss the combat ratings I have chosen and see if they make it through the test of FIRE!

Some parting shots of my WoFun collection:

Below: Aztec "Shaved Head" elite warriors on a C&C Ancients game board.

Below: entire Aztec army. Just need six more low class warrior units and I'm done.

Below: Chieftons

Below: Spanish teaser! 

Take care!



  1. Those look great square on not so much from above, but what a great way to get into a 'secondary' period.

    1. Yes, they look great from the front\rear. Which makes it ideal for the Commands and Colors systems. I'm going to also try to use miniature wargame rules (Band of Brothers) to see how it shakes out.

  2. Wofun is an itch I have yet to scratch but they do interest me. This collection is a very colourful one, you must be very happy with them.

    1. Hi Donnie, yes I'm thrilled as this is something I never would have bought and painted in lead. :-)

  3. Missed this one until now; what a great collection, Eric.
    I am impressed with how quickly you "painted" them up! :-)
    I agree this is a period I would never do if I had to paint figures for it!

    1. Thanks Peter! If I had to paint this ... uggh! I'm working on more Vauban related stuff right now, so I'll try to do a game of the Aztec Wars in the next week or so..

  4. I’ve been thinking of going this rout with these WoFun figures. What has stopped me so far is terrain. Many of the fights were in urban terrain or causeways and I feel to do justice to the period that the iconic Aztec terrain must make an appearance. Your terrain looks great. Can you share where you obtained it? Thanks. Jim

    1. Great point about terrain. I have yet to tackle the terrain for the battles Tinochitlan. Which terrain are you referring to? The buildings are part of the WoFun Aztec Wars collection. Just print and glue together. I'll try to do them one day!