Thursday, August 4, 2011

Historicon 2006 Boxer Rebellion Game

Founds some pretty cool photos from a pick-up game I ran at Historicon about 5 years ago.

We were using Din of Battle (Piquet supplement) for the rules and had a lot of my Historicon "regulars" playing in the game. Since the game happened so long ago I can't remember all the details, but Jim Mauro won  "Best Player" award and received a Boxer Rebellion medal (replica of the US Army medal for China).

Jim Mauro (left), Brian Connolly (in green), and Jeff Valent (laughing) before the game starts

Boxers going insane around the Catholic Mission.

Relief force arriving by river

Good shot of the Chinese town and the "Black Citedal" protecting the harbor.

HMS Kangaroo firing into the fort

Italians and Russians move to attack the Chinese city

Waters are getting think with gunboats and troop transports

Mike Bolling (the thinker), Howard Barasch, Tony, Jim, Brian (standing), and Ian drinking a beeer.

More Black Flag Boxers join the fight

Italians breach the city walls!

French are attack by the Black Flag Boxers

Russians and Italians take fire from Chinese regulars.

USMC and German Seabatallion storm ashore and wipe out the Black Banner Boxers.

Definitely good times!


  1. Your set-ups for this era always look amazing! Good stuff!

  2. Thanks Felix, this one was just thrown together, but it sure is fun to play.