Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Russo-Turkish War 1787 - 1792 Project

You may ask, "How do you fall into obscure projects like this?"

I love obscure periods of warfare and this is about obscure as it gets! Primary sources are either in Russian or Turkish, which makes it even more of a challenge. I was working with Mike of Quartermaster back in early 2000 and saw that he had a line of 15mm Russians in Potemkin helmets. (They are the only company in the world that makes those figures in ANY scale). I loved their uniforms and their helmet and since I already had a large Ottoman army, it sounded like a good idea to take the plunge into the period.

One painting really got me inspired to game in this period and shows the assault on Ochakiv by Suvorov in 1788!
Victory of Ochakiv, 1788 December 17 (December 6 by Julian Calendar), by January Suchodolski

Who was I to ignore such images!

Online Resources
Russian site:
Link isn't working today, but it is a site dedicated to late 18th century Russian warfare. Tons of information, but all of it is in Russian.

Wikipedia has some information:
Russo-Turkish War 1787-1792
What is even more interesting is that the Austrians also joined in this war, so you can use Austrians in Revolutionary style uniforms to fight against the Ottomans. I found a whole bunch of Austrians at a Historicon flea market so I'm sitting pretty for several scenario opportunities.

15mm Miniautres
Russians: only Quartermaster sells figures for this period.
Falcon Figures by the Quartermaster
Ottomans: There are a ton of companies selling Ottomans: Essex, Minifigs, AB, 19th Century Miniatures, Quartermaster
Austrians: Chariot Miniatures, AB, and Quartermaster (Falcon UK) has a new line of them.
As usual I use Piquet rules to refight these battles.

As you can see I have several battle reports featuring my Russians and Ottomans. I hope to continue to produce more! Cheers!



  1. I would add Allain Touller to the Ottoman figurines range. They are nice miniatures, may be a bit small, but a lot to choose:

  2. Hi Eric.
    I posted in my blog a few pics from my Alain Touller mamelukes, so you can see how the ottoman series figurines are like.
    Sorry, I have not more painted ottomans.

    My blog: http://covadotrasno.blogspot.com/2011/08/mamelucos-15mm.html

  3. I love those Russians in the Potemkin uniforms, Eric!


  4. Looking forward to seeing more of this period. Are you planning on doing sieges as well?

  5. Hi Redtroop, yes I definitely plan on full scale sieges along with field battles. Really is a fascinating period of warfare. Very unusual places and combatants.