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List of Battles for the Russo-Turkish Wars 1787 - 1792

To show that I'm not crazy for selecting such a unique period of warfare I decided to compile a list of known battles (based on Russian and Austrian sources).

This will give you an idea of how large and encompassing this war was and there were many sieges during the war, which I can now fight using my Vauban's Wars siege rules.

This may not be a complete list, but will give everybody something to research if they so desire. Most dates are in the Russian Old Style. Alternate names used throughout.

Battle of Kinburn
Oct 1, 1787
17th May 1787: Battle of KINBURN(Ochakov) Suvorov & Prince of Nassau-Siegen beat the Turkish army and fleet under Osman Pasha & Hassan el Ghaisi, who had their landing party of 5500 men wiped out.
Battle of Batussan
March 21, 1788
In early 1788, General Koburg planned to take the fortress of Chotim; he advanced into the Moldavian region and on 21 March 1788, defeated the army of Ibrahim Nazir Pascha at Batussan. He then took the town of Jassy.
Assault of Šabac
April 25, 1788
Austrians storm the fortress of Šabac.  West of Belgrade
Battle of Rohatyn and Bojana-Losy
April 29, 1788
Austrians vs. Turks: Koburg again beats Ibrahim Nazir
Siege of Chotim
May 15 – Sept 16, 1788
Koburg opened the siege of Chotim on 15 May of that year. The fortress surrendered on 16 September 1788, together with 200 guns and ample stocks of ammunition and supplies.
Naval Battle
of Ochakov
June 17, 1788
 Russian navy defeats Ottoman Navy
Naval Battle
of Fidonisi
July 14, 1788
The naval Battle of Fidonisi took place near Ochakov. It was a Russian victory over the Sultan's fleet.
Battle of Szupany
Aug 7, 1788
Austrians (General Papilla) was defeated by the Turks at Szupany (2.5 km north of Orsowa)
Battle of Mehadia
Aug 25, 1788
The Turks crossed the Danube;  defeated an Austrian army under Wartersleben at
Mehadia (Meadia,Mendia)
Battle of Karánsebes
Sept 17, 1788
Austrians Rout their own army! Two days after the rout, the Ottoman army arrived to discovered 10,000 dead and wounded soldiers. The Austrians abandoned the Bergland and the Turks and their Romanian allies created havoc in 143 districts and 36,000 people were killed or carried off as slaves. (Near Slatina)
Siege of Novi
Oct 3, 1788
Koburg captures Novi Fortress from Turks
Battle of Hateg
Oct 9, 1788
Austrians (General Stader) repell Turkish attack on the town.
Battle of Gankur
Nov 1788
Russians (Kamienski) attacks Turkish (Ibrahim Pasha) camp. Russians left their entire heavy artillery train behind and   moved by columns along three roads with a distance of 12-15 versts one from each another. They surprised the Turks and after double assault knocked them out   of Gankura. Kamienski was rewarded with the Order of St. Vladimir of the first degree.
Siege of Ochakov
Nov – Dec 1788
Russians besieged the walled city of Ochakov and were commanded by Prince Potemkin and General Suvorov. All 20,000 of the Turkish garrison were killed, 15,000 Russians also died in the winter assault.
1st and 2nd Battle of Byrlad
April1 and April 6, 1789
On April 1, 1789 Korsakov met a 6000 strong Turkish force in Byrlad and without looking at the inequality of forces decisively attacked enemy and broke them. On April 6th the Turks, after obtaining significant reinforcements under the command of  Megmet Pasha, again went over to the offensive. By this time Derfelden had arrived with Russian reinforcements and they defeated the Turks for a second time.
Battle of Maksimen
April 16, 1789
Russians (Derfelden) defeats Turks (Yakub Pasha) in Maksimen [other names: Maximin, Maximovca, Maksimeny,Maksimovka] which is a town in Moldavia.
Battle of Galatz
April 20, 1789
Russians (Derfelden) defeats Turks (Ibrahim) [Other names: Galaţi]
Battle of Salcha River
Sept 7, 1789
Prince Repnin advanced with his division into South Bessarabia and attacked and routed a significant Turkish force on Salcha river on September 7th. (Salchi?)
Fall of Khadjibey
Sept 25, 1789
Russians vs. Ottomans
Khadjibey (Gadzhibeya , Odessa) Taken by Russians.
Siege of Bender
Suvorov takes Bender
Assault on Akkerman
Russians take Akkerman. 90km from Khadjibey (Odessa).
Battle of Focsani
Aug 1, 1789
Russians (Suvorov) and Austrians (Friedrich Josias) vs. Ottomans (31st July 1789) Battle of FOCSANI in Hungary with Friedrich Josias, Prince of Saxe-Coburg. 40,000 Russo-Austrians; destroyed the Turks of Yasuf Pasha 55,000 (Osman Pascha)
Battle of Rimnik
Battle of Martinesti
Sept 22-23, 1789
Russians (Suvorov) and Austrians (Friedrich Josias) vs. Ottomans
22nd September 1789: Battle of RAMNIK in Eastern Romania. Friedrich Josias, Prince of Saxe-Coburg & Suvorov Russo - Austrian army of 25,000 beat the 60,000 Turkish army of the Grand Vizier, totally wiping it out, ‘8,000 due to drowning.
23rd September 1789: Battle of MARTINESTI in Romania with Friedrich Josias, Prince of Saxe-Coburg. Russo - Austrian army beat the Turks under Osman Pasha, who lost close on 20,000 to a Russo - Austrian army loss of 720 total.
August 10, 1789
Laudon (Loudon) Austrians capture Belgrade from the Turks.
April 16, 1790
Austrians (Koburg) capature Orsowa (Orşova)
Siege of Bender
April 22 - Aug 6, 1790
Russians use mines to breach the fortress walls.
Battle of Babadag
June 15, 1790
Russians (Kutuzov) vs. Ottomans (???)
Russians forced the Danube and defeated 23000 men strong Turkish corps near Babadag.
Assault on Kalafat
June 26, 1790
Austrians storrm the fortified town of Kalafat. (Calafat)
Naval Battle
of Kerch Strait
July 19, 1790
Kerch, Crimea - Minor Russian Victory
Naval Battle
 of Tendra
Sept 8-9, 1790
The naval Battle of Tendra was a victory for Russia over the Ottoman Empire.
Battle of Takhtamyshe
Sept 28, 1790.
On 30 September 1790 he defeated the Turks and mountaineers on the heights of the Kuban, at the Tokhtamysh (Abazinka) and Podbakleya rivers, and put them to flight. He seized the enemy camp, taking all their artillery (30 guns), and capturing the seraskier. For this victory the empress awarded Herman the order of St. George 2nd class (21 January 1791) and 500 serfs in Polotsk Province.
Assault of the Fortress Kiliya (Kilii)
Oct 4 – 18, 1790
Russian Assault on Turkish fortress. Russians victorious

Siege of Belgrade
Oct. 9, 1790
Austrians take Belgrade. Laudon takes Belgrade after a three week campaign.
Nov. 9, 1790
Koburg takes Bucharest.
Siege of Ismail
March-Dec 1790
Suvorov was ordered to take the fortress by Prince Potemkin. He took the Fortress but it cost an estimated 150,000 lives in soldiers and predominantly civilians….
Assault of Anapa
June 22, 1791
Russians (Count Gudovich) vs. Ottomans (Shaykh-Mansour)
Russians take the fortress on the 3rd attempt.
Russian forces 15 battalions of infantry, 3000 jagers, 54 squadrons of cavalry, and 2 Cossack regiments, with 50 guns, stormed Anapa on the 22nd of June. The garrison, numbering 15,000 men, was annihilated. The Russian losses were indeed heavy—93 officers and 4000 men killed and wounded, about half the troops engaged. The trophies taken included 83 cannon, 12 mortars, and 130 banners; but a prize more valuable still, perhaps, was Shaykh Mansur, who was the life and soul of the defense, was one of the few prisoners taken.
Battle of Măcin
July 10, 1791
The Russians were led by Nicholas Repnin and the Turks were led by Yusuf Pasha. At first, the victory was in doubt, but then the Turkish army was vanquished by a charge of the Russian left, under Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov.
Naval Battle
of Cape Kaliakra
Aug 10, 1791
Naval Battle: Russians vs. Turks. Russians win.


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