Sunday, April 17, 2011

Epic FOB: Clash on Planet Vornex IV Rages On!

Eldar continue their march against Ultramarine planetary defenses. This time the Ultramarines have some heavy ion cannon bunkers with protective shields. Think Maginot line type canopy gun positions.

Here we see an Eldar Titan shattering another city on Vornex as Falcons Grav Tanks, Guardians, and Jetbike recon lead the way!

View of the left side of the table from the Ultramarine point of view:

View of the right side of the table from the Ultramarine point of view:

Game to be played on Wednesday. Titan will not be involved, but eventually I will work out rules for the Titans.


  1. I love those old Space Marine buildings! They had different names for each one too!

    It looks fun, Eric! Now get those Warlord and Reaver titans out there.

    Dave M

  2. Hi Dave!

    Glad you are enjoying the sites! I'm working on labeling more units for the coming battle. Another Tactical SM battalion (3 units) and a Space Marine Robot company. Eldar get an entire Dark Reaper battalion, along with more jet bikes and Dreadnoughts. Should be a blast!