Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Epic FOB - Off Board Assets

Due to the huge amount of leathal off board fire-power I have had tried to expand how FoB:WW2 uses off-board assets.

Epic 1st edition had some pretty cool missile types and I wanted to start thinking of different ways to put them into Epic Field of Battle (EFOB). This is just an open flow of ideas. Nothing in stone. Suggestions welcome.

Missile Types

Each missile will have an area of effect template. The old ones from GW were smaller circles. I'm not sure those are big enough for EFOB. I may put them on my scanner and enlarge them.
A missile that will destroy electronics on vehicles, and targeting systems.
D12 vs DD versus vehicles. Vehicle circuits destroyed if Haywire wins. No effect on infantry?

D12 vs D6 for target.

Power statis field immobilizes all units underneath the template.
No firing in or out of the statis field. No moving in our out of it either.

D12 vs DD
Win and target sucked into the void. No chance for survival.
Lose and unit is suppressed and moved to the edge of the vortex template.

Small ECM particals are dispersed in the air which disrupt targeting. Similar to 20th century smoke.

Some type of sarin gas attack or nerve agent.
D12+1 vs DD
Persistant cloud. Area denial.

Proximity Mines (air delivered)
Anti-Personel: D10 vs Inf, D4 vs Armor
Anti-Tank: D10 vs Armor, D6 vs Infantry

Off board Artillery
Heavy (Divisional Batteries) D12
Medium (Divisional Batteries) D10
Orbital Weapons Platforms (D12+1 or D12 or D10)
I'm thinking of creating an Asset deck. Players will draw from a deck of available assets, then add cards that are duds (Asset Request Failed). This will be the game's asset deck. When the Command & Control card comes up the player will spend asset points to draw from the Asset deck. Sometimes they will get an asset, sometimes they won't. They won't even know what asset will be available to then until they draw it from the deck.

Anyway, thos are some thoughts on the subject.

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