Thursday, April 21, 2011

Din of Battle 2nd Edition Sent to Printers!

Din of Battle Front Cover:

I'm proud to announce that Din of Battle 2nd edition is making its way to the printers as I write this. It was a long and fruitful journey for me to write and playtest the rules. I started writing DoB2 back in 2007 and have run the Plains War Campaign and the Boxer Rebellion campaing using the rules. I've also fought several additional battles using French Foreign Legion.

I truly believe you will enjoy the rules if you are a Piquet grognard or new to Piquet.

Din of Battle 2nd Edition Goodness

1. Rules weigh in at 96 pages!

2. 4 Quick Reference Sheets (2 for Battalion\Company scale, and two for squad)

3. The game rule section is only 37 of those pages.

4. Rules include three scales: Battalion, Company, and Squad.

5. Squad special rules are only 3 pages.

6. Optional rule section, includes the Rule of 1/3, optional Pursuit rules, etc.

7. Nearly all cards have their definitions directly included in the DoB2 rules so you don't have to switch back and forth between the Master Rules and DoB2.

8. There 13 jammed packed campaign musters with Quick Unit Rating Tables to make setting up the game quicker. This is 44 pages of GOODNESS!

9. All sequence decks for a Campaign Muster are located on the same page so you can quickly create your Sequence Decks.

10. Those familiar with my Campaign Muster style (Archon 2) will see I've done many of the same things; like include a list of all major battles in the war, recommended scale to fight in, suggested TAD decks, and muster special rules just to spice things up!

11. Army Characterization Table has been updated.

12. Stratagems have been updated to be more period specific! Natives have a Stratagem table and so do the Imperialists. New stratagems include: Mass Assault, Deadeye, Last Stand, Fanatic Push, Advance Unnoticed, Careless Ammo Storage, Desertion and many others!

13. Glorious color photos!!! Front and back cover! A color CENTERFOLD page (i.e. - wargamer's porn) along with about 5 or 6 color photos scattered throughout the rules to make sure you are paying attention.

Campaign Musters
Did I mention 13 Campaign Musters?

• 1st and 2nd Sikh Wars (1845 – 1846 & 1848 – 1849) - British vs. Sikhs

• Indian Mutiny (1857 – 1858) - British vs. Indians

• Sioux Wars (1865 – 1890) - Sioux Indians vs. USA

• 2nd Afghan War (1878- 1880) - British vs. Afghans & Pathan Tribesmen

• Zulu War (1879) - British vs. Zulus

• Sudanese Wars (1881 – 1885 & 1896 – 1899) – British & Egyptians vs. Mahdists

• Tonkin Wars (1882 – 1885) - France vs. China & Black Flags

• Italo-Abyssinian Wars (1887-1889 & 1895-1896) - Italians vs. Ethiopians

• Dahomey Wars (1892) - France vs. Dahomey

• Great Boer War (1899 – 1902) - British vs. Boers

• Spanish America War (1898-1899) - US vs. Spain, US vs. Filipinos

• Boxer Rebellion (1900-1901) - International Forces vs. Chinese Imperials and Boxers

• French Foreign Legion (1880-1914) – French Foreign Legion vs. Arabs

Din of Battle Back Cover:

Can't wait to see this "in the flesh"!


  1. Congrats good sir! Sounds pretty darned awesome!

  2. Congrats mate hope it goes well for you, sounds like its been a long road.

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  4. Thanks for the nomiation Donogh! My blog is pretty diverse. :-)

    DoB2 is getting closer and closer to release!