Sunday, April 3, 2011

Epic FOB Battle - Scenario, Terrain, OOB, and Setup


Here are some photos of the game I plan on playing Wednesday night. Brian and Mike will be helping me out with this first playtest of Field of Battle: Epic.

This is my attempt to put my Epic Space Marines back out on the gaming table after 15 years! I just don't care for the Epic rules and wanted to use some of my favorite rules (Piquet & Field of Battle) to see how they could work in a Sci-Fi game.

This scenario will have the Ultramarines defending a city with Eldar forces attempting to capture it. The city is in a strategic location, so the Eldar need to remove the Ultramarines so they can continue with their campaign. I will likely put a turn limit on the game, as the Ultramarines just need to slow down the Eldar long enough, so they can reinforce the sector.

The photos show the layout of the terrain, with several large city blocks that the Ultramarines must hold on to. I don't have much in the way of "Alien" or usual terrain, but that will change if this effort works out.

City has just been based, and I haven't had time to detail it yet. Still looks ok.

Order of Battle
For Space Marines I'm going to use the word "cohort" instead of company, and for Eldar I'm going to use "Warhost" rather than company. Just because I like it. :-) Some of my HQ stands have not been flocked or labeled.

Ultramarine OOB
16 total units

255th Combat Brigade
Brigade HQ
8th Tactical Regiment - Mechanized: 3 Tactical Marine cohorts with Rhino APCs and HQ.
44th Devastator Regiment - Mechanized: 3 Devastator Marine cohorts with Rhino APCs and HQ.
15th Assault Regiment - Mechanized: 3 Assault Marine cohorts with Rhino APCs and HQ.

2nd Terminator Regiment - 3 Terminator cohorts and HQ

Armor Regiment
Armor HQ
95th Whirlwind Cohort
5th Predator Cohort
1st Land Raider Cohort
2nd Land Raider Cohort

Eldar OOB
26 total units (Pictures will be taken at game time as I don't have them flocked or labeled yet)

Army HQ

3rd Warclan - 3 Guardian Warhosts and HQ (Falcon Grav Tanks attached)
4th Warclan - 3 Guardian Warhosts and HQ
7th Warclan - 3 Guardian Warhosts and HQ
21st Heavy Armor - 1 Tempast Warhost

Aspect Warriors
Striking Scorpions Warclan - 4 Striking Scorpion Warhosts and HQ
Exarch Warclan - 3 Exarch Warhosts and HQ
Fire Dragon Warclan - 2 Fire Dragon Warhosts and HQ
Swooping Hawk Warclan - 4 Swooping Hawk Warhosts and HQ


Here you can see the table, it is about a 6' x 5' area. There are two Eldar players and one Space Marine player. Space Marine player deploys first, anywhere to the right of the red line. Eldar deploy second, anywhere to the left of the green line.

Really looking forward to this game!

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