Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boxer Campaign - 2nd Battle of Si-Lian - Part 7 of 12

DAY 5 of the campain (this was one of the bloodiest days of the campaign with 3 battles fought).

2nd Battle of Si-Lian

Meanwhile, the allies have been using the Si-Lian Lutheran Mission as a aid station to house the wounded and sick from the campaign.

Only a token guard was left to defend them, a company of Tonkinese Riflemen, a reduced strength German company from the battle of Kensi Mud Fort, a company of US infantry, a half company of civilian volunteers and local Chinese conscripts.

A massive amount of Red Banner and Yellow Banner Boxers have approached along the road from the southwest. They outnumbered the defenders at least 3 to 1.

Boxers storm ahead through the apple orchard.

The Tonkinese take the brunt of the assault, and the Boxers begin to flow around the Mission.

One boxer horde is shot to peices by some Germans firing from inside the Mission.

In a bold (crazy) move, the US company leaves the cover of the Mission and moves around in skirmish formation to try to drive as may boxers away as they can.

The Boxer's attack meets with disaster after banner after banner is gunned down attempting to assault the Tonkinese!

The aftermath, showing all the stands lost by the Boxers. Each casualty figure is one stand. The Yellow and Red Banners have been routed from the field.

The apple orchard is a wasteland of butchered boxers. The wounded and supplies are safe, with little damage to the garrison. A great victory for the Foreign Devils!!!


  1. Hi Eric

    Great stuff as usual. High standard of terrain really makes difference.


  2. Makes me want to invest in some Zulu casualties. The question is time required to paint them up!

  3. I think the casualty figures really make the battle. A lot of times it is the little things that can push a game to the next level.