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Boxer Campaign - Battle of Fusuchow - Part 11 of 12

DAY7 of the Campaign

Some campaign details that the player's received, to give you an idea what kind of info I gave them:

MOON TEMPLE FORCE rests on DAY7 due to severe casualties. They can see units of the Western Trained Army maneuvering south of the canal, but there have been no attacks.

Main fleet in WEI LUNG HOO
Gurbett and USS Monacacy at the Imperial Road Bridge on the SI HO River. (no enemy activity reported)

SI-LIAN Garrison remains in place and no enemy encounters are reported.

WENPO Garrison has been silent for quite some time. No word on their situation.

US\GERMAN SUPPLY COLUMN - Has begun heading South again, but will have difficulty when it encounters the main relief column as it will have to wait until it passes before continuing onward towards WUSEN.

RELIEF COLUMN - The night passes without incident and the camp forms up for the morning march. As the Cossacks approach the town of FUSUCHOW to continue the march north they encounter Imperial Chinese forces in strength. It appears that the Imperials slipped into the town during the night since none of the approaches to the town were guarded. The only road North goes through FUSUCHOW so the column will have to fight their way building-to-building in FUSUCHOW if they want to continue up the Imperial Road. Please take note of the terrain around FUSUCHOW. You are encamped west of town and any attack against FUSUCHOW will be funnelled due to the two sets of millet fields to either flank. This battle will be difficult, but will be a good chance for glory.


The Russians deploy for battle, with Fusuchow in the distance. Germans are just to their right.

French approaching along the railroad from the south. Large millet crops to the left.

French advance, while their guns start to hit the town.

AMBUSH! Black Banner Boxers jump on the Tonkinese Rifleman, which are routed.

The momentum of the attack sends the Boxers into the French Marines!

The Marine's discipline allows them to turn and defeat (rout) the Boxers!

Marines continue their attack into the town and run into an Imperial Chinese unit with Jingals. A vicious fire-fight ensues. Meanwhile, the other Tonkinese unit moves into the factory's coal field.

Good look at the Russian and German progress.

The French storm the factory grounds

Boxers fleeing the scene as French fight house to house.

Imperial Chinese pile out of the local buildings to attack the Tonkinese.

The Tonkinese rout due to fire and the French Sailors shore up the line.

French troops routing from the battle.

Russians begin their assault. The rocks indicate hits against buildings, in case Chinese are hidden in them. The International forces were allowed bombard the town.

The Marines clear another town section only to be attacked by more Imperial Chinese!

Boxers attack the Russians. The Cossacks take some surprising casualties!

As the Tonkinese flee they are ambushed by Boxers! French Colonel Frey looking on. More Tonkinese are killed by the Boxers.

Russians and Germans start to move through the town.

Marines disorder (green marker) the Boxers then rout them!

Colonel Frey overrun by Boxers. Not much left of his body.

Boxer's flip a Heroic Moment + Melee Resolution and attack the Russians!

Russians fall back from the Boxer attack

French Marines and Zouaves continue to clear out pockets of Boxer and Imperial Chinese resistance.

The Boxers continue to fight in a rage, but are driven back by the Russian Maxim guns!

After cutting up Colonel Frey, the Boxer's turn on the Tonkinese who had just finished rallying.


The Tonkinese destroy the Boxers in melee!!

French Marines overrun the last of the Chinese forces defending the Coal Factory.

Germans begin to filter through the streats, not meeting much resistance.

I just liked this photo angle. :-)

Imperial Chinese are still fighting in the center of town. The Zouaves in column of companies attack the building.

Zouaves survive the point blank fire of the Chinese forces and melee them. The Zouaves rout the Chinese.

Germans finally encounter one of the last remaining Chinese units, which happened to be a battalion only armed with BOWS! (The Germans had it real tough in this one)

FUSUCHOW has been secured after nearly 4 hours of very bitter and short range fighting. The French have taken the worst of the beating and will not move from FUSUCHOW for the rest of DAY7. German reinforcements have arrived via train and the US\German supply column has arrived in FUSUCHOW which includes the German East Asian Cavalry Regiment and US 3rd Cavalry Regiment. All full strength. FUSUCHOW burns and smokes, with nearly half the town destroyed.

Casualty Results of FUSUCHOW

Amur Cossacks (2 stands) - 1 stand returns to duty, 1 stand lost for the campaign
Siberian Cossaks (4 stands) - 3 stands return to duty, 1 stand lost for the campaign.

Sailors of the 1st Naval Landing Party (3 stands) - 1 stand returns to duty, 2 stands lost for campaign
Sailors of the 2nd Naval Landing Party (1 stand) - 1 stand lost until day 10 of campaign.
1st Regiment Annimite-Tonkinese (2 stands) - 2 stands lost until DAY10 of campaign.
2nd Regiment Annimite-Tonkinese (1 stand) - 1 stand lost for campaign. (-1 on future battle quality rolls)
Colonel Frey was KIA.
General Cottrell was shot from his horse and had minor wounds.

Suffered no significant casualties

French 1/11th Marines wrapped themselves in glory
Russian MG fought a tenatious battle
Russian Section B 9lbr guns fought with distinction

Victory Points for the Battle of FUSUCHOW

Russians = 2 VP (Routed or destroyed 6 Chinese units, but two Cossack units were routed)
Germans = 1VP (Routed Imperial Chinese unit)
French = 0 VP (Routed or destroyed 8 Chinese units, but had four units Rout)

Look for the final campaign post in about a week.

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