Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Epic 40K Rebirth...

When I was a mere lad my first miniatures were Games Workshop's Epic Space Marines line of figures. I bought into the background and bought Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, Eldar, Tyrannids, and Squats. I played dozens of games of Epic, but just wasn't thrilled with the direction the rules were going by the time Titan Legions hit the market. Too many exceptions and special rules, along with GW's Power creap. Seems every new race had even more power weapons and features.

It was a good thing while it lasted.

I finally put Epic on the shelf and haven't had a battle since the 1990s. Even sold off my Orks and Squats thinking I'm eventually going to sell the rest.

The other night I was reading through Piquet Inc's ruleset called Field of Battle: World War 2 (FOB:WW2), and realized I could make a company based game using Epic figures!

The thrill of using my large epic collection again really pumped me up!

Epic is about squad level games (each unit is a squad or single vehicle), while FOB:WW2 is company based. Each infantry unit is a company and each vehicle unit is a company.

So right now a company is 6 ot 8 Epic figures (depending on the size of the figures), and each vehicle company is represented by two vehicles on a base. This looks particularly cool.

I'm using Flames of War bases I had accumulated from another failed miniatures project. (Need to buy some more now!)

Here is how I see my armies fleshing out. I have Space Marines (several chapters), Eldar (several different legions), Imperial Guard (several armies), and Tyrannids. This should give me lots of different troop types and scenario possibilities:

Space Marines - Ultra Marines (painted and rebased)
Space Marines - Overload Marines (my own chapter name, painted and rebased)
Space Marines - Blood Angels (needs to be painted, but 6mm is soooo easy to paint)

Eldar Host - yellow\orange color
Eldar Host - Purple color
Eldar Host -
Eldar Specials - Battalions of Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Fire Dragons, Exarchs, etc.

Imperial Guard Army - Green Color
Imperial Guard Army - Grey Color
Imperial Guard Army - Undecided color

Tyrannid Army!

This should really make gaming much easier with Sci-Fi, because at company level you can really abstract a lot of stuff.


I hope to post some photos of the new basing once I get some of them flocked.


  1. Hi, Eric! Epic Orks & Squats were my very first organized miniatures as well (didn't count my few Ral Partha / Grenadier figs from my early AD&D days). I've kept my Squats and started rebuilding my Orks last year. They've been put on hiatus for other projects, but I WILL get to them again. Love the site!


  2. Hi Bryan! So good to hear from you. It has been too long. Are you making it to any of the major or minor gaming conventions in the near future?

  3. Epic 40K was a lot of fun. I had about 5 armies then traded them all to start my Colonial collection.