Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy SYW Battle - 15mm Piquet

Well, I usually host a weekend BIG BATTLE game every spring. Last year we played a monsterous SYW ahistorical battle featuring my Ottoman Army, French SYW army, Austrian Army, and Brian's Russian Army, and Hal and I's combined Prussian Army.

It was the Prussians and Ottomans defending against the Russian, French and Austrian attack.

We used Piquet's Cartouche rules and most of the figures are from Old Glory with my Ottomans being mostly the glorious Minifig line, with some other odds and ends.

Ottoman buildings from Cresent Root. Lake front made from window tinting we can pick up from Home Depot or Lowe's.

We had a gaggle of players: Mike Johnson, Brian Connolly, Ben Fryer, Eric Cottrell, Mark Cramer, Ralph McCall, Mike Bolling, and myself (and my son).

Tons of eye candy here so please excuse the large amount of photos. The first photo has the locations of all the different armies.

Nice shot of the Ottoman defenses.

I built this model fortress from an old Courier article. Made from foam core!

Prussians defenses around the some town. Massive Austrian attack coming in.

Austrians smash into the town. Fierce house-to-house fighting!!!

Prussian main army arrives. Will it be in time???

Ottoman heavy guns driven out of their emplacements disordered (green marker).

Prussians to the front

Good view of the action down the table.

French cavalry routed by Arab cavalry. French sent several cavalry units screaming across the table to cause havoc on the Prussian deployment, only to be bush-wacked by the Ottomans.

Ottoman reinforcemenst arrive, including the vaunted Janissaries!

Huge cavalry scrum in the center. Many Austrian Cuirassier thrown into the fray.

Bavarians (Austrian Allies) smash throw the Prussian original densive line to the left of the town.

Ottomans stunned by the Russian amphibious assault!!!! The Cossacks commendeered enough local vessels to all the Russians to ferry a brigade of infantry across the lake!

French assault on the Black Fortress. The columns weave their way forward.

Ottoman lines from the Russian position.

Landing in the docks

Austirans being pushed back by the Prussians on the far right flank.

French assault on the Black Citadel! This didn't work out very well for the French as they waited until all the Ottoman reinforcements arrived before launching the assault.

Arabs (militia) defending the docks from a Russian amphibious assault.

Mameluks destroy a French cavalry unit in a flank attack.

Ottomans, hoping to make things uncomfortable for the shot up Russian advance out of the earthworks and attack. Massive Russian Grenadier attack on the left

Russians storm the empty Ottoman gun emplacement. The Ottomans lines have been breached.

Good overview of the action in the Ottoman city.

French being repulsed in the center.

In the end the allies couldn't win and  had to withdraw from the field, not able to hold their objectives.



Sgt Steiner said...

Hi again

Cool looking battle !


abdul666 said...

*Gigantic*, multicolored, multifaceted, hectic, uncertain to the last moment... and such eye-candy!
(Envious) Compliments and thanks for sharing.

Ray Rousell said...

Some great photo's, looks like a brilliant game.