Tuesday, December 21, 2010

15mm WSS Game - Will You Go To Flanders Rules


Sharing some photos from a game back in 2004 at Jim Brokaw's game room.

This is an amazing event showcasing the talents of Jim Brokaw.
  • Figures sculpted by Jim Brokaw (Editions Brokaw)
  • ALL terrain (boards, trees, roads, rivers, and biuldings) made by hand by Jim Brokaw
  • All figures painted by Jim Brokaw
  • Rules written by Jim Brokaw! (Will you go to Flanders)
Jim is an amazingly talented man.

You may have seen one of Jim's games at Historicon, but each player commands an "army" of 12 units: 7 infantry, 4 cavalry, and one artillery battery.

We usually have 3 to 4 "armies" per side.

Hope you find these photos enriching.


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