Thursday, December 30, 2010

Russian Assault against Ottoman Fortress

Well, this one was played  nearly a decade ago with my budding new Potemkin Russian army against my Ottoman army. Roughly 1790 battle.

The photos were taking with an older camera (duh), and the photo quality is poor. Still it was a GREAT game which was fought with Les Grognards Piquet rules. All figures and terrain is in 15mm. Fortress no longer in production. Buildings scratch built by Mal and his friend Dave.

Scenario - Russian infantry and artillery is besieging the fortress while the Russian cavalry tries to hold off a large Ottoman cavalry force sent to break the siege.

I apologize for the unflocked bases.

Russian heavy battery smashing the fortress walls

Two additional batteries add to the carnage

Great view of the Ottoman town and fortress. Turner, my son, in his PJs! He is now about 6'1"!

Russians ready for the assault, will the Ottoman cavalry column arrive in time?

Hal Hood commanding the Ottoman relief column. Brian Connolly was the Russian cavalry commander.
Massive attack against the left gate house

Swirling cavalry melee as Russian cavalry fights to stop the Ottoman cavalry relief force

Russian battalions try to clear the walls with musket fire

Breach in the wall!

Ottomans send a battalion to hold the breach

Russian battalion shattered in the assault
Russians send 3 battalions into the breach

Russians capture the left gate! Janissaries rush to retake the gate. 

Mamaluks smash into the Russian's flank!

View of the Russian-Ottoman cavalry battle

Great view of the Russian assault, more reserves being thrown in by the Russians.

Old Ottoman guns blasting the Russians. The green marker indicates a disorder.

Ottomans slip back into the gate house!
Russians have to dig them out again!

View from the Russian perspective
Russians overrun the right gate house, taking the guns!
Russians swarm over the ramparts and into the breach
Final combat as the Russians overrun the Ottomans in the breach wall section, effectively ending the battle


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