Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vendee Battle - Big Battalions test

My friend Hal Hood has one of the most amazing collections of Vendee forces (fought the French Republicans) that I have ever scene.

Just for kicks we doubled the size of each  unit from 4 stands to 8 stands. Turned out to be a pretty great looking battle. Each photo describes the action, but the scenario was a French Republican attack against Vendee forces.

As normal at my place, we used 15mm figures and Piquet (Cartouche\Les Grognards) for the rules.

Enjoy the big battalion goodness!


  1. Hi Eric

    Superb looking figures and very nice terrain. What are the source of green wheatfields ?

  2. Thanks Sgt! The green fields are just a door mat cut into sections. Very effective look and extremely easy to make. I just cut them and put them on the table. :-)

  3. Hello, very interesting. It looks like the battle of Torfu. Here is an article I wrote some time ago which I think might make a good wargame.

  4. Was wondering what the figure source was for your vendeen rebels?


  5. The Vendeans are Hal's, but the figures are from like 20 different companies: Essex, Battle Honors, Minifigs, Chariot, Irregular, Donnington, Old Glory, etc

  6. Interesting game whats your order of battle looks like you could use practically any milita type figure and priests for the vendeans.