Sunday, December 19, 2010

Misc Fantasy 15mm Photos

This is an odd collection of photos. Masses of orcs, etc.

Starting with a massive Orc attack with the Wizard casting fireballs on them.

avalanche of orcs move through the town. Dwarve heavy foot defend the exit.

Kobolds burn the town as High Elves form up in the background


  1. Nice. Are those paper houses from the Usborne books? I have the Viking Settlement and am just now putting some together. Do you add any weight to the houses, so they don't fall over (they are so light!)

  2. Hi Andrew, yes, those are the Usborne models. I just finished the Viking Settlement myself. that one has been the easiest to make. I have not weighted them down. I haven't had any problems of them getting knocked around or falling over. I am planning on putting them on town "sections" to add more flair to them.

  3. I thought of the town sections too—clusters of buildings all glued to the same base.

  4. Yep, that is exactly what I'm going to do. I have the medieval village, town, and viking village built so far. I have about 10 more Usborne sets to build, but I'm going to start basing the buildings over Christmas break.

  5. Good looking minis all around!

    Is that Wizard from Black Raven Foundry?

  6. Yes, Wizard is from BRF. They have some pretty cool personality figures in their line.