Friday, December 24, 2010

Archon 2nd Ed. Game - Greeks vs Persians

Here is some photos a game we played while I developed Archon 2nd edition. These are my Greek and Persian armies.

Greeks are from Chariot miniatures and have shield decals from VVV.

Persians are all Essex at the time of this game.

I really love the look of a massive phalanx smashing into the Persians

Eventually I will get around to flocking the bases, but I'm more interested in gaming than painting or flocking at this point in time.


  1. Looks great, but I think your awesome painting job would stand out even more with a little grass on those bases!

  2. I hear you. I'm going to flock these bad boys one day.

  3. fantastic! I too havent the time to flock my bases, just want to play the battles. love your work, cheers.